Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Too good to be true...and yet it is!

Hey, just a quick note from la Suisse! I'm having an absolutely fabulous time. I'm easily pleased with the simple things of life like drinking tap water and eating cereal with real milk. Wahoo! I love walking on the fall leaves and coming in from the cold with rosy cheeks. It's great to bundle up and dress in all black. The food is every bit as good as I remember it and I'm more convinced than ever that the Swiss eat better than anyone else in the world.

Adventures I will have to post about later include hiking a mtn in the middle of the night, being the only spectator at a curling competition, biking downhill on a gravel road with snot literally being shaken out of my nose, meeting Jean-Pierre's girlfriend, etc.

I've had lunch and dinner invitations almost every day, and I've pretty much gotten to see and hang out with all my old friends. It's an extrovert's dream vacation. I'm super happy with my level of French and it's obvious to me now that it's a lot better than when I left. I've even been told twice by cute boys that an English accent in French is 'charming'!

It may be a little hard to leave this place, but it's nice to know I'll always have a second home here.


Aaron said...

How wonderful, thanks for the update Jessica. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...Jess, so good to hear that things are going wonderfully on your vacation!! It made me a little teary to read about how you feel like you'll always have a second home there because that's how I feel (oddly enough) about that crazy Budapest. We're so blessed! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Mom said...

I love to see the words "dream vacation"! The girl who's been living in the city at the bottom of the expatriot list (surpassed only by Baghdad) deserves to have a vacation at the top of the list.
Jean-Pierre's GIRLFRIEND??? That is so awesome...I hope that she is a sweet woman who appreciates that dear man. I may just have to take out my Raclette grill to celebrate!

Carrie said...

Hi Mom!!! Miss you! :)

erin said...

glad you're having fun and a well deserved break! I look forward to further stories of our adventures.

Anonymous said...

Jessica!! (just imagine I said that in my "who-song-and-larry's" voice)

After reading the first paragraph of this post I believe God has spoken loud and clear that you were made for Europe (just like me)!!!! Move here and be a missionary with me!