Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nairboi Nat'l Park

Last Saturday I went to Nairobi National Park. It's kind of like a zoo...except you're the one in the cage! :o) It's crazy, one minute you're in the city and the next you're driving thru the savannah looking at giraffes, zebras, ostriches, cape can see my pictures on facebook here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Kenya

Arrived in Kenya on Saturday with my teammates Dana and Heather. We're out at this really charming retreat center. Pretty much the nicest place any of us have ever seen in Africa. It's a bit surreal. Our schedule is packed for our conference, but I think we'll get to have some excursions on the weekends. Maybe I'll see some big animals! We were really excited to wear our "team pagne" together :o)

There are some beautiful places to walk around here, although getting into town is a bit difficult.

This place is surrounded by tea fields. Very cool. Although we're mostly enjoying drinking good coffee.

It's a small world: MBiz achieves fame at 5 months

So, funny story for you. Here I am in Kenya (more on that later). I met a man in my organization who I'd never met before. He works out of Dallas. One night at dinner I was about to tell a humorous anecdote about Monkey Business and he interrupted me to ask "Do you have a blog?" I thought maybe he was going to say I needed one since I'm such a funny, interesting person, but he said "I remember your cat. I don't remember you, but I remember your cat from your blog. She has a boyfriend, right?" Ha!

Monday, March 03, 2008

my apologies

So my blogging has been PATHETIC lately. Perhaps a reflection on my life? Nah. At the end of the day I just don't feel like sitting at my computer. And the interesting things in my life are complicated, so then I just write about my cat. Sorry. So here's a little spicy synopsis of the last few weeks:

Two good friends proposed to me. I said no.

The guy I like told me about the girl he is interested in. Awesome.

I preached in French with a Lingala interpreter last Sunday. Very cool!

My team interviewed 5 pastors for our study on language and Scripture use. We were given cokes, avocados, and cash, even though they were the ones doing work for us. Score! We really enjoyed meeting these people and are excited about the project. Yay Jesus!

My gospel choir is revolutionized by our new director. We work really hard at rehearsals and I have a big solo that's really stretching me to improve. So fun!

I'm leaving for 5 weeks starting Friday. 3 weeks in Kenya for a conference and 2 weeks vacation in Ethiopia. Hallelujah!! Stoked to travel with my super cool teammates Dana and Heather. Life is a blast. It's hilarious to be white in Africa and we don't miss a single occasion to laugh about it.