Thursday, December 30, 2010

Esperance's first days in America

Here are some Facebook photos of Esperance's first week here! (plus a few random ones he included from Brazza)

He's had enough of English by now and thinks we're all speaking Chinese instead. (I know the feeling well from my years living abroad.) There have only been a few things that he hasn't seen before, namely the garbage disposal in the sink and the skywalks for pedestrians downtown. He also has noted that the architecture is different here than in Europe. We haven't spent much time in Portland yet, but when he saw the city lights and the big buildings he said, "Now I really feel like I'm in the US!"

The relatives were duly impressed with how he handled 17 people in the house on Christmas Day, joining in the festivities like he'd always been among us. The two of us even serenaded the group with a rousing rendition of Feliz Navidad, as well as a song in Kikoongo. Good times so far!