Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Food Fantasies

Reasons why I may starve in Switzerland:
1) Food is astronomically expensive
2) Portions are very small
3) I don't know how to cook very many things
4) Even if I could afford the expensive food, deal with the portions, and cook like an iron chef, I still would not be able to purchase anything because I cannot read the labels or recognize the packaging!

I am in the land of cheese. This is great! But I found myself staring at a WALL of cheese completely stumped as to which one to choose. Seriously, there had to be like 50 different kinds, very few of which have I ever heard of. And was there a simple block of cheddar among them? No! I ended up with something resembling what we would recognize as "Swiss cheese," a good place to begin I figured. And yes it has served me well--I've eaten a cheese sandwich everyday for the last 4 days straight.

Last night I tried something new to me. It's a type of fondue called "Raclette." I kept forgetting the name and just called it "Ratcliff." But there's a grill that sits on the table for everyone to cook their bacon or onions or whatever, and then each person has a little dish that they can put a piece of cheese on and set underneath the grill to melt. Delicieux!

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Marilee said...

Lebo! I finally got onto your blog! I love it! And the cheese you're talking about is SO great, huh? We had that in Germany and LOVED it. So much better than any normal fondue I've heard of. I'm just so excited that I know what you're talking about even tho you're way over in Switzerland and I'm just in the 'Berg. Love you!