Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Officially a Rock Star

Voilà, the long awaited concert report:

I did in fact sing in a concert on November 25th and it went very well!! I sent a prayer update just beforehand, worried about the fact that I got a cold and was all stuffed up and had a sore throat! And I was having people pray for weeks about me getting nervous because I was afraid of my voice being weak and wobbly. Well, the night of the concert I felt fine and I was totally relaxed! Praise the Lord! Thanks for praying!

The concert was held in a room we rented at the Russian Cultural Center. There were about 100 people in attendance, maybe 30 of whom were fellow expats. The musicians included the leader, Byas and 3 back up singers including myself, Brigitte, and William. Louz sang and played electric guitar. There were two drummers. Eric played bass guitar, Press played the acoustic lead, and Teddy was on piano. All these guys seem to have known each other forever and I think all are a part of the Evangelical Church of Congo, many of them having parents who are pastors or evangelists. They’ve all been doing music since they were little, some having received formal music education as well.

Anybody have advice about how to post a video to my blog?

I had a lot of fun performing. It felt a little weird being all dressed up à la congolaise and trying to move to their rhythms, at the same time wanting to look at ease and trying to be myself. The musicians were obviously taking great pleasure in the event, which was fun for me to be a part of. My solos went reasonably well and I managed to spit out all the words to all the songs that were in languages I don’t even understand.

Life after the concert has been a little disappointing. As soon as it was over I just went home and basically went straight to bed. I haven’t hardly heard from anyone in the group since then. After having so many rehearsals together, always having some place to go and getting a lot of interaction with these new friends, I’m feeling somewhat abandoned. And now it’s looking like I’ll be traveling a lot this spring and going home for the summer, so we may not get another opportunity to work together in the coming year!

My life as a rock star was short lived.


Anonymous said...

I want to see some close up shots of the back up singers :0, we can't see their faces!

Linguistica said...

I wish! Sorry, the pics didn't turn out too well. The lighting wasn't right I guess. I do have one close up of myself, but I look like a weirdo.