Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas in Congo

Well, apparently the holidays went pretty well for me considering I haven’t had a chance to blog for so long! Sorry to all of you who are waiting for emails from me…don’t take it personally, I’ve ignored all my friends, not just you! :o) I’m switching to the new blogger version, so hope it doesn’t throw any of us off too much.

Let’s see, where to begin…Guess I’ll tell you a bit about my holiday activities. It will come in several installments 'cause I've been busy...

On Saturday the 23rd we had a big party together at Dave and Teresa Bill’s house. The gathering was basically composed of SIL (Wycliffe) and CMA missionaries. Bet none of you were playing volleyball and badminton at your Christmas parties!
I basically ate food for 5 hours straight, keeping the great American tradition of putting on a few seasonal pounds. The best part about this is that Africans tell you if you’ve gotten fatter. I just smile and say “Yes, I know.” :o)
Anywho, we did a white elephant gift exchange and I got a Batman DVD out of the deal, so that was cool. The best part was that earlier in the day a med student from the States named Carol arrived and we’ve been partying together ever since. Today she’s on her way up to Impfondo to work in a mission hospital for a week.

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johne nomad said...

Batman Begins? Score! A merry Christmas indeed...