Monday, November 17, 2008

Orphanage needs urgent help

Hello my friends! The orphanage I've been going to for a year and a half now is in urgent need of a new house. Together we can buy them one! We're just getting it started, but check out:

Please pray that:
--People would give to the project and we'd be able to make a downpayment soon
--The owners wouldn't sell the house to someone else (they're receiving lots of offers but so far have been faithful to us)
--God would put peace in the hearts of the workers who are very stressed about the situation

You can also check out my Facebook photos of the kids.


Aaron Stewart said...

Jessica you will want to change that link to the following:

Currently it is broken. :)

Linguistica said...

Yikes! Thanks Aaron. Don't know what was wrong with it but it seems to work now.

Anonymous said...

We'll pass the word, Jessica. I'm so grateful that your church in Newberg is willing to handle the donations. I look at the pictures of Mama Dorcas and realize how much she has fasted and prayed for this home. Her love and sacrifice for these children has allowed them to thrive. May God bless them with a new "House of Hope." Mom

Theresa said...

Saw the hp and started crying! Good job!
I still have stuff for the kids...give them a big hug and tell them that they're loved!