Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ho-hum, after work entertainment

I've been working a lot lately. So in the absence of creative energy, here are some frivolous internet quizzes...

What Kind of Guy Will You Fall For?

You would fall for the sensitive guy. You'll find your future man wherever turtlenecks are sold. He will have depth, introspection, and a disturbing knowledge of musical theatre. And he may be a little weird. But hey, while your girlfriends cry over broken hearts, you'll be having Shakespeare read to you every night.
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Which Disney Princess Are You?

You are Pocahontas. You defy convention and sometimes do what is considered taboo. Unfortunately, others do not always appreciate your differences, so it's good that you are so strong-willed. You are loyal and you believe in fate. Your true love will find you one day.
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Carrie said...

Can you guess what Sex in the City character I was? I'm telling's creepy.

Linguistica said...

Um, no, I've only seen like 2 minutes of that show.

Carrie aka Miranda said...

I cannot believe we haven't had a conversation about this...I'm having a major freak out about the depth of our friendship. How can we never have talked about this??? BTW-you don't have to see the show, just know that I'm Miranda in everyway. (Well, except for the sex thing...) :)