Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Wedding of the Century

A blog about Amber’s 7/7/07 wedding is long overdue! The word to capture the essence of this wedding event is “extravagant.” I doubt if any of the Oregonians present had ever seen anything like it! We relished every moment. It was held at the Resort at the Mountain at Mount Hood in Welches, OR. It was a full 4 days, so I’ll just mention the highlights. Hopefully the photos and my words can do it some sort of justice. I'll post more photos later too.

The bridal party kicked off the weekend on Thursday with a white water rafting trip. Tremendously fun, or “double super gnar gnar” as our rafting guide put it. Yes, everyone thought we were absolutely insane to attempt such a feat just days before the sacred ceremony, but we managed to sustain only very minor injuries.

Thursday night was the rehearsal, followed by a formal dinner overlooking the golf course. Amber presented each of the bridesmaids with a heart necklace from Tiffany’s to wear in the wedding. Amber’s been my friend for 20 years, so I’m thrilled to have this little token that I’ll still be wearing 20 years from now to remember her special day and our dear friendship by.

Friday more of the guests arrived, including my parents, and we had a buffet dinner. In the afternoon we got manicures and pedicures. My person said I had African feet :o) My toes are the darkest part of me!

Saturday we began our beauty treatments bright and early, including professionally done hair and makeup. Not sure any of us have ever looked that good before! Amber was resplendent. It was her best day!
The weather fully cooperated for the outdoor ceremony. One might think that having a whole wedding weekend might detract from the focal point of the ceremony, but not so. It was delightfully done. Our former band director’s husband officiated and he did a great job. It was special to hear him read what Amber and Glenn had written about why they wanted to marry each other. I read a poem called “Indian Wedding Blessing,” the last line of which Amber and Glenn had engraved on their rings: The adventure has just begun. I was thrilled they liked the reading so much!

After the ceremony we had a cocktail hour while the family took pictures with the happy couple. Then the party began. The reception was in a tent which had been transformed into one of the prettiest rooms I’ve ever seen. The food was great, but the highlight was the music and dancing. A FABULOUS band from Portland played, and they were so good you had to see if it was them or a CD playing. The DJ apparently spins for Phil Knight’s (CEO Nike’s) personal parties. Both the band and the DJ played very danceable music like jazz and funk and oldies. All I can say is “wow”!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Sunday morning we closed the event with a buffet brunch. Never seen such a breakfast spread! Have you ever eaten chocolate mousse in the morning? Highly recommended. So that’s about it. It was great to get together with old friends, get all dressed up, and celebrate with Amber and Glenn. I can’t think of a better way to begin a life together. May God bless your union forever!!


Elizabeth Wilkinson said...

New glasses?!? Super cute lady!

Trista Vander Wal said...


Those are the best brides' maids dresses ever - both the color and the design - you look absolutely beautiful!


johne nomad said...

Love the new glasses. And you clean up pretty nice.

How've you hit it off w/ your new niece? (She looks ready to hit someone there :).