Saturday, January 13, 2007

More Adventures in Congolese Cuisine

So a couple of my friends, Louz and Davi, wanted to see me before I left for Ouesso. They called yesterday and said they were coming over but that I didn't need to do anything. They showed up with everything to make dinner! We had fish and manioc and safu. It was delicious! They even bought the drinks. So cute. I'm still smiling as I imagine them shopping at the market and remember them working away in the kitchen. They're keepers.

Their fish recipe seems pretty simple, I think I'll have to try it out sometime. Maybe when I come home I can give you a taste of Congo! Although it wouldn't be the same without the manioc. Anywho, the fish just gets cut into 3 pieces (head, middle, and tail) and then cooked with oil, parsley, onion, tomato, and a whole hot pepper. I think that's all. At some point you add water. It all just sizzles together for like 30 minutes.

Safu, by the way, is a fruit related to avocados. They are small and have an interesting blue and purple skin. It has a large pit covered by a thin layer of green flesh. It tastes kind of sour or bitter and is good with salt. If you haven't had it there's really no way to imagine, because it's a flavor and texture all it's own. Very tasty and satisfying!

I'll try to post a photo of our dinner, but it's still on Sabine's camera 'cause for some reason when I went to use my camera yesterday it was dead! So sad. I was wanting to buy a new one when I came home anyway. Good thing I already have lots of pics of Ouesso 'cause I won't be taking any on this trip! (I leave for Ouesso on Wednesday. I'll be there for 2 months. Not expecting to have Internet access, although we've been told it might become available while we're there).


Eddie said...

Have a good trip to Ouesso. I'm booked to be in Brazza early in April. Hope you'll be around. If there is anything you would like brought out from the UK, just shout.

Mindy said...

I'll take your old camera if you don't want it anymore!!! :o)