Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Dream Duplex :o)

OK, these are all the photos I can get up at the moment (spotty Internet connection). So basically the house still needs all the fixtures (sinks, lights, etc.) and the walls need painting and the floors need tiling. So it will look a lot prettier in the end than what it is in these photos.

This is the living room. Will be a little bit of a squeeze to get a dining room table and couch and buffet and all in there, but I think it can work.

This is the big bedroom. Big enough

This is the bathroom. It's pretty small. They still need to add a sink and a shower head. I guess the room will get pretty wet when you shower (note the hole on the floor on the right). I'm assuming it will all get tiled.

This is the kitchen. It's pretty tight quarters but I think we can swing it.


Anonymous said...

It definitely has potential! It's always nice when you can finish a home the way YOU would like it!


bo betsy said...

very nice, ca! are the builders living in it now? oooh, i'll be praying for you all to know what to do! small (any idea what square footage would be?) but would be so nice to be new and yours. and to have angi and her husband next door would be just amazing. will pray!
hoo hoo!