Thursday, August 06, 2009

What Would Jesus Save? Meditations on my inbox

I have two colleagues who are known as “The Deleters”. They delete nearly every email they receive, keeping their inbox to a very tidy minimum. They are even known to exercise mass deletion…Too many emails at once?...After a brief scan of the subject lines to catch anything important, just delete them all! They like to think of this as a selective, voluntary computer crash.

I, on the other hand, am an email packrat. I can’t seem to throw anything away! Not only this, but I don’t manage to stay on top of my email, so I end up with hundreds of ones flagged to indicate they need a reply and others that have never been read. Yet I hang on to them all! I recently discovered the joys of the “archive” function, so now I have moved all my emails from 2003-2005 out of my inbox…yet I didn’t have to delete them! Yes people, I have kept emails from 2003 and still don’t want to get rid of them.

This brings me to my meditation…What would Jesus save? Any thoughts?


who else talks about Trader Joe's? said...

My meditation today: if I was a Trader Joe's product, what would I be? I thought sweet and spicy pecans, a co-worker thought I'd be green tea...oh, and I just checked and I still have all my emails from '02 on, and apparently 1501(!) unread. So, instead of selectively deleting, I just selectively don't read. :)

Anonymous said...

I am just like you! I end up flagging so many things that it negates the purpose of the flag. I just went through the process last night of cleaning out my inbox as well...I simply made folders to keep all of them in, because I couldn't delete them either...

Miss you friend. Hope you are doing well.