Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Facebook photos from June

Here are some recently uploaded photos of interviews with pastors, a BBQ, a concert, etc.

PS: My friend Carrie comes in only 20 days!!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, William, from Mom!

Yahooooo for Carrie! She's gonna love Congo and all your friends. You will have to introduce her to the church that creates natural remedies with prayer and plants! She's not going to want to go home, you know.

Carrie said...

About time you mention me. :) I can't wait!!! And I have an awesome article on God/Faith and alternative healing that I'll have to get you to post a link to. God rocks.

johne nomad said...

Simone enjoyed seeing the b-day party pics.

Linguistica said...

John and Simon are together! Totally didn't put that together in my mind that you were going to be at Horsley's Green at the same time. Oh man, John, I could have sent you something from Congo...No idea what it would have been, but I could have at least made an effort. Sorry. Hope you're enjoying the seminar! You can let Simon know that the pics were from Dana if he wants copies.

johne nomad said...

No worries about not sending anything from Congo... I can find my own worms :). But (seriously) thanks for the thought!

Enjoyed your pics! Seems like you've got an amazing music scene down there in Brazza!

It's been an excellent seminar, & enjoying hanging out w/ Simon & lots of other folks from Africa.