Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sandra Lynn's Photography: World Beat Festival 2012

Maria has a knack for endearing herself to strangers everywhere we go.  This kind lady took our picture at the World Beat Festival and blogged about it here:
Sandra Lynn's Photography: World Beat Festival 2012: World Beat Festival 2012~ It is all "worlds" coming together in celebrating us, as a "whole" people. We are truly all the same.  We have d...

Esperance participated in an African dance group at the festival.  He was definitely a star of the show and showed everyone another facet of his entertaining abilities!  We're used to seeing him up front with a guitar and a microphone, but the dancing was a whole new treat :o) 

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Sandy said...

Hello there!

I so loved your family! and felt if I could adopt my way into it I would! :O) I am still learning all about blogging, and I just now found your site! I am thankful for that!

I hope this finds you all well.


Sandy Harris